Studio Azurro – Gorgo Meteorit

Meteorit Essen




The interactive installation IL GORGO refers to the two central topics of water and energy. The installation was created for André Heller’s project “Meteorit” in Essen and seamlessly integrates into a fantastic underground architecture in which visitor looks into an abyss from a bridge.

While at rest, the abyss shows the projection of a slightly moving water surface. Through their voices, visitors can trigger various interactions: Activated by the visitor’s voices, figures appears out of the water, slowly moving towards the viewers. However, before the image reaches the observer, it disappears in the increasing luminosity around the bridge. In a second option, the sound transforms the water surface into a swirl that disappears as quickly as it appeared, leaving behind the unperturbed water surface as before. Both of the options transform the energy emanating from the visitors (i.e., their voices) into kinetic energy that is returned to the visitors.