Ausstellungsraum Biometrie

Odysseum, K├Âln





The Science Adventure Odysseum opened in early April in Cologne and offers insights into various fields of science.

There, 235 MEDIA made the exhibition room Biometry a reality, in which information about the compilation and handling of biometric data is imparted. Visitors operate the devices, which are normally employed in security-relevant areas, by themselves, supported by animations and speech. In this way they lose their fear of touching the highly complex technology. Using their own fingerprint as an access code, they can decipher their own individual biometric characteristics on the finger, iris and facial scanners, which are then presented on 40 inch TFT screens and as a print-out.

Database Server / Identification System

This complex installation is controlled from a database programmed by 235 MEDIA. The temporary visitor IDs generated by the database enable verification at the individual stations and the correct assignment of scan results. All scanning processes are integrated into a graphical overall concept, which contains animation and voice guidance and permits visitors an intuitive usage.

Station 1 : Scan of the fingers

Upon entering the room, visitors are invited to carry out a scan of the fingers. The fingerscan is presented on a screen, graphically processed. Visitors are then directed to the next station.

Station 2 :3-D Scan of the face

After activation by the fingerprint, visitors place themselves in the scan position that is right for them. To guarantee the best scanning results, the facial scanner is vertically adjustable. The completed 3D scan is displayed immediately in the graphics menu.

Station 3 : Scan of the Iris

Analog to the previous station, the scanning process takes place for the iris. At this station the interaction between the visitor and the device is particularly complex. The graphical and aural user guidance enables the best possible result.

Station 4 : Complete edition

At the complete edition station visitors receive, after verification, an overview of the scan operations carried out on them. This data is saved for two hours and then automatically erased.

Station 5 : Print-out in the shop area

Within these two hours visitors can acquire a high-quality print-out of their biometric scans at the exit of the Odysseum. Also here, verification is carried out on a finger scanner. On the back of the print-out further explanations of the various scanning processes are given and general information on the topic of biometrics.


In cooperation with Uniplan