Schwarzer Diamant

Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum



December 2009

The German Mining Museum in Bochum has opened an extension, entitled “Black Diamond”, and a special exhibit called “Good luck! The Ruhr Valley – Coal Mining since 1945”. For this exhibit, 235 MEDIA created 21 multimedia terminals and a room installation.

Thanks to 21 integrated touchscreens and freestanding terminals, visitors can experience the changing history of coal mining in the Ruhr Valley after the Second World War. Films, photographs and documents illustrate the everyday lives of miners in the 1950s, while TV adverts from the 1960s and stories from over 100 mines provide a diverse and vivid insight into the Ruhr mining industry from the post-war period until today.

Through an interactive multimedia room installation, visitors can also learn how extremely technical coal mining is, and about the powerful and complex machines that are used. They can navigate a 5m wide HD projection, using the console from an original coal mine control room. This brings to life the highly specialised use of technology in tunnelling, extraction and transport in an interactive way.