On the roof of 235 MEDIA

REMOTEWORDS writes on the rooftop of 235 MEDIA in collaboration with Marcel Odenbach

We warmly invite you!
Opening on Friday, 8th July 2016, 4pm to 9pm
Am Kölner Brett 1, 50825 Cologne
Introduction by Claudia Dichter at 6pm
Food and drinks provided.

REMOTEWORDS.32 consists of the now 32nd stage of the long-term art project ‘REMOTEWORDS’ by Achim Mohné and Uta Kopp. REMOTEWORDS writes short messages in large letters on rooftops in order to distribute information via navigation and satellite systems such as Google Earth, which are “hacked” and used for artistic purposes. Unique messages are constantly developed for various REMOTEWORDS locations, such as the University of Art in Berlin, the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn and the H3K House of Electronic Arts in Basel.

The words on the rooftop of 235 MEDIA in Cologne were selected by the Cologne artist, Marcel Odenbach, and are borrowed from a poem by Ingeborg Bachmann written in 1952. For the artists, the wording represents a relativisation of the media images and calls for the constant questioning of supposed ‘photographic authenticity’.

On the occasion of the rooftop’s opening on 8th July 2016, a radio-controlled CCTV drone by the friendly film production company, TIMESCOPE films, will fly over the roof of 235 MEDIA, transmitting the aerial images and revealing the message.