Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt

Redesign of the "Kräfte der Nordsee" (Forces of the North Sea) exhibition



Client: Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt

Exhibition area “Kräfte der Nordsee” (Forces of the North Sea)

The Sylt Nature Experience Centre presents the diverse habitat of the Wadden Sea to visitors of all ages on 1500 square metres. It shows the diversity, beauty and dynamics of the seas and coasts, the formation and history of Sylt, but also the forces of nature that affect the island.

The expansion and redesign of the 300 square metre exhibition area “Forces of the North Sea” was a logistical challenge: First, the existing exhibition had to be dismantled to make room for a full-dome cinema, the “Sylt Dome”. After the construction of the cylindrical cinema hall, the exhibition was reinstalled in a refurbished form. Together with ntk, 235 Media gave the exhibition area a contemporary look and brought it technically up to date.

With waves and wind, the focus is on two forces that permanently affect the island. These natural phenomena are vividly explained in the exhibition, which has many interactive elements. One of the central media installations is the 10-metre-long interactive wind-wave channel, which demonstrates the connection between wind strength and wave heights. Six high-resolution 75″ monitors mounted behind the channel faithfully visualise different weather conditions and moods, while the respective wind strengths are displayed on the wall above by means of gobo projections. The visitors determine the wind and wave conditions at a control panel.

With the construction of the 360° cinema, the “Sylt Dome”, the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt has been given another highlight. ntk and 235 Media, in cooperation with the US company Evans & Sutherland, were responsible for the conception of the interior design, the media technology used, the room acoustics and lighting design as well as the planning of the ventilation technology (in cooperation with the engineering firm Pahl und Jacobsen from Heide). Germany’s northernmost cinema has a diameter of 10 metres and seats 45 visitors. It also has 2 seats for wheelchair users. With 5 projectors and a spatial sound system equipped with 31 loudspeakers and 4 subwoofers, the Sylt Dome enables immersive, three-dimensional cinema experiences. In addition to the film for “Kräfte der Nordsee” (Forces of the North Sea), which was initiated by us and specially produced by TVN, Hamburg, the cinema is also used as a full-dome cinema and event venue outside opening hours.

nowakteufelknyrim | design & exhibition architecture, Düsseldorf
Evans & Sutherland, Salt Lake City, USA

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