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Architektur der 60er und 70er Jahre in NRW

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: M:AI – Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurskunst in NRW
APRIL 2009

For the the traveling exhibition “Architecture of the 60`s and 70`s in NRW”, the M:AI – Museum for Architecture and Engineering Art in North Rhine-Westphalia announced a public competition in April 2009 for the exhibition conception.

The scenographic concept submitted by 235Media and NowakTeufelKnyrim attained the second place.

In cooperation with NowakTeufelKnyrim


Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Deutsches Museum, München
February 2006

235 MEDIA designed a multimedial presentation system for the re-creation of the permanent exhibition “Technical Images” at the Deutsches Museum in Munich

The objective was to combine the aesthetic integration of the depictive media in the exhibition architecture with the impartment of an extremely large amount of detailed information. With utilisation of the TDS – Transparent Data System and the latest projection technology, the achievement was made that the visitor always has easy access to additional information, whilst at the same time allowing the effect of auratic exhibits, mainly old photo and film cameras, to be in the foreground and not be disturbed by the information system. Other highlights of the concept lay upon the fast and intuitive access to information by the visitor and the easy maintenance and updating of the information content using a Content Management System, CMS.


Posted by Lina Heuschen

February 2005

In a cooperation with the architectural firm Kulka, 235 MEDIA developed a Mediatecture concept for the new building at the Bosch company training center in Stuttgart.

With large-format projections onto the water surfaces of the central courtyard the interactive installation progresses synergically to the architecture. With simple actions, such as the clapping of their hands, visitors can control the projections. The images blend with the water surface and take an associative reference to the products and services manufactured and offered by the Bosch company.

Architekturbüro Kulka


Posted by Lina Heuschen


An exhibition concept based on the complexity of the phenomenon of robots as “A Being between Human and Machine”. Based on the history of humanoid robots, the complexity, fascination and relevance of the phenomenon of the human likeness has been arranged popular-scientifically for a broad audience.

In a direct confrontation with the variously developed and utilised robots in commerce, applications, fiction and art, concepts of robotics in connection with Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life should be made directly experiencable for visitors.

A balanced and problem-conscious presentation should help contribute to reducing both blind faith in technology as well as irrational fears about the future and present the topic in an exciting and objective format.