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Draiflessen Collection

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Draiflessen Collection
Emil Nolde – a critical approach by Mischa Kuball
Oktober 11th 2020 – February 7th 2021

In the Draiflessen Collection in Mettingen, the conceptual artist Mischa Kuball (*1959) devotes himself to the work and perception of the expressionist painter Emil Nolde (1867-1956). In the context of the exhibition Emil Nolde – a critical approach by Mischa Kuball”, Kuball examines discourses on the historical person and deals, among other things, with mechanisms of artistic self-staging.

235 Media installed six space-filling projections with a size of up to 49 square meters.

Projektion Ruhr

Posted by Lina Heuschen


“Projection Ruhr” was opened on 18.11. in the “Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine” in Paris and could be seen until 8 February 09.

In a cooperation with the light artist Mischa Kuball and on behalf of the M:AI – Museum of Architecture and Engineering Art NRW, 235 MEDIA produced this exhibition dealing with the structure changes in the Ruhr conurbation since the IBA Emscher Park.

12 mobile video projectors (VMS and Beamover) project and move photos, texts and video clips exclusively onto the bottom of a 50meters x 7meters dimensioned slightly curved space. Three projectors then form a choreographic unit for each of one of the four major issues: industrial culture, industrial nature, art and architecture. This creates a steady flow of images to a sound collage by Thomas Small (Kreidler), which through higher-level themes such as “Aerial photographs”, “People” etc. receives a dramatical retainer. For the visitor the installation opens up the view onto the process of transformation in the Ruhr conurbation, offering ambient and emotional access to the topic.