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Pizza Tisch

Posted by Lina Heuschen


The development of the interactive table shown here for the catering industry was one of the pilot projects of 235 MEDIA ® evolution, intended to optimally combine elements from art, design and technology. The product qualities of the system are geared to the needs of gastronomy with regard to aesthetic-sensory quality, involvement, emotion and function, moods, etc. The interactive processes create new moments of experience, which redefine the relationship between space and user, between real and virtual communication levels.

The basic concept includes a menu selection, which can be tailored to different needs. As in a modular system the application is extensible, eg through games, video or camera recordings or the associative visualisation of the proposal. In addition, there are various possibilities to influence the spatial environment: different sensors allow, for example, interactive illumination control or influence on the sound level.

The presentation should provide an idea of the manifold possibilities for the use of interactive tables in the field of gastronomy. In concrete applications these opportunities would be customised to individual needs and space specifications.