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Studio Azzurro – Der Schwimmer

Posted by Lina Heuschen



The installation “The Swimmer, Il Nuotatore (va troppo spesso ad Heidelberg)” by Studio Azzuro is considered to be one of the classics of international media art.

For the “Long Night of the Museums” the installation was implemented by 235 MEDIA on the facade of the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, as a 50meters long and 4meters high projection. The video projection consisted of twelve screens installed in front of the windows of the NRW Forum.

In 2006 the work was lavishly restored by imai, inter media art institute, in a collaboration with 235 MEDIA.

Studio Azzurro

Posted by Lina Heuschen


A shipwreck is an unfulfilled act because the ship and her passengers do not reach their port of destination after setting sail. All our everyday aborted actions are shipwrecks too, in particular the many small tentative gestures we make. Shipwrecks of ideas, intentions, feelings.

Losing the port of destination is a painful event. Lost in the water, the castaway is left to his own fate. The loss of the harbour fills us with a pain that prevents all movement and takes away our ability to survive, physically and spiritually.

But not all castaways sink without a trace. Many leave behind tracks and signs. From a mathematical perspective, these are remainders; in psychoanalytic terms, residues; and in the literary sense, relics. This is what surrounds us and what we castaways can cling to. Castaways cling to experiences, following the gestures of earlier victims of capsizes. An ideal raft in the form of tables on which they can climb makes it possible for them to end their journey and reach their destination.

The journey is a departure towards touch, the gesture of a stroke, a fleeting emotion dedicated to a person’s body or soul. The shipwreck arises from the impossibility of fulfilling this gesture and of following the impulse of a feeling to its conclusion; the rafts are an unexpected rescue, a new possibility to let the gesture reach its destination.

To make use of this possibility, we must regain faith in our own senses and rediscover the power and tenderness of touching, the roughness or smoothness of surfaces and materials and perhaps even of our own bodies.

Studio Azzurro – Dove va tutta questa Gente

Posted by Lina Heuschen

KUNDE: Stadt Dortmund

The installation, the title of which can be translated as »Where are all these people going?«, consists of three automatic sliding glass doors which are installed, one behind the other, at a distance of four meters from one another. The glass surfaces of the doors and the floor space between the doors serve as projection surfaces.

When a visitor approaches the first door, an infra-red transmitter is activated and changes the first two levels of images on the floor and on the door. The door opens automatically, and by passing though, the next two image levels are influenced

The video images depict many slowly moving human bodies. When a visitor approaches a door, the bodies move and try with all their might to open rooms and to overcome doors and other obstacles in order to get from one room to the next.