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Textiles St.Gallen

Posted by Lina Heuschen


Textile culture has left its mark upon the region of St. Gallen in a nearly unmatched way. This unique tradition of craft and culture is the topic of the “Textile St.Gallen” touring exhibition created by Büro Veit Rausch to a commission by the Canton of St. Gallen. With the help of state-of-the-art media technology developed in co-operation with 235 MEDIA, the exhibition conveys both past and present of the textile creativity of Eastern Switzerland so unique in its variety and quality.

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA is used as central control unit for video and sound. The video projection on the table surface offers an view on the working table of a textile designer. Wireless sensor equipment on this surface allows to interactively control a menu that activates a variety of video projections.