4D–Kino & ECOPIA-Reifentest

Automobile-Saloon in Geneva




Customer: Bridgestone
March 2011

235 MEDIA implemented a 4-D cinema and the ECOPIA-tyre-test bicycle for BRIDGESTONE, Europe. The 81st International Automobile-Saloon in Geneva (03/03 – 03/13/2011) was the first official location. The next location was at the 64th International Automobile tradeshow in Frankfurt am Main (09/15-09/25/20110

Bridgestone 4-D Cinema
The 4-D Cinema is inviting tradeshow visitors to review three Bridgestone tyres. You are able to select a 3-D movie for each of these tyres. The sound is provided by high-performance surround sound equipment. When the car starts, built in fans are blowing an airstream into the visitor’s face. If the vehicle brakes abruptly, the seat is raised by pneumatic equipment, allowing the visitors to experience the break function. If the animated vehicle begins slipping and swerving, the entire seat vibrates. If the tyre blows out after driving over a nail, the spectator will experience a slight bumping sensation on the seat. If the journey continues through ice and snow, the passengers will feel frigid air and if the tyre overheats due to too much rolling resistance, hot air is dispensed. The interaction of these functions transforms these films into a (almost) true 4-D experience.

Technology: 65” Panasonic 3-D monitor, Panasonic shutter-glasses, 2.1 surround sound. Additional features: Pneumatics, vibration engines, high-performance axial fans, cold- and climate technology, SPS-control system.

ENCOPIA-Tyre-Test Bicycle
In this adventure exhibit, a regular commercial pneumatic tyre is installed on one side and a Bridgestone ECOPIA-low friction tyre on the other side. During the ECOPIA tyre-test the spectators can sit in a comfortable sportsseat and experience the difference between the tyres. Although the tyres have identical measurements, the differences between the two tyres regarding rolling resistance and road noise can be distinguished.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with Uniplan GmbH & Co.KG

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