235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2011

International trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage




The international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

We are looking back on a successful EXPONATEC 2011, the international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

As in the last four years 235 MEDIA presented scenography concepts, specialized interactive solutions, and multimedia exhibits. We had many interesting conversations, and we are looking forward to new and exciting projects.

The following innovations were introduced at the EXPONATEC 2011:

3D Sensor

The 3D Sensor is able to detect the exact coordinates of moving persons, objects, or parts of the user’s body by tracking infrared photo points. Now we are able to add the third dimension to a multi-touch controller and thus to transform the system into a gesture tracking system. A wide range of new controls of interactive applications is conceivable by this new technology. We are also able to link the system to other sensor technologies like single touch, or radar sensors to extend the possibilities for interaction design even more. Further more the 3D Sensor can be combined

Interactive network media database

A unique software system which consists of a combination of media database, web-based Content Management System and an interactive application. Complex interactive applications on client computers dispersed all over the world in as many language as wished can be controlled easily, which helps to achieve a high degree of sustainability for your content management and presentations.

Fly ButterFly – interactive wall projection

Butterflies, flowers,  leafs are dancing and floating to the rhythm of the music. Fly ButterFly is an interactive installation, which generates motifs according to the music you are listening to. You can create your own program by selecting images out of the library and by controlling speed, behaviour or size of the desired objects. Fly ButterFly can be customized for any architectural situation by using one to eight projectors, or a 360-degree-panorama.

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