Mobile Electronic Café

Wordwide networked Mediaart, documenta 9 & Biennale Venedig


1992 til 1993

Musicians, architects, designers, writers and critics came together to explore, debate and criticise the new and changing possibilities of products and technology within around 60 individual projects. Their temporary studio was the ELECTRONIC CAFÉ INTERNATIONAL. Sited on the top floor of the “Container” it was linked to computer networks with state of the art business and communications technology (direct ISDN connection, Internet, Video-phone, Audio/Video conferencing etc.). The aim of the “Artists In Residence” was to challenge both the partiality of regulated broadcast media and the free for all of open channels where an opinion expressed is an opinion contradicted.

The mobile public room concept ELECTRONIC CAFÉ INTERNATIONAL was developed by Casino Container for today’s media society to use when and wherever needed. This hybrid of Media Work Station and neighbourhood café enables a new, modern interaction between local people and issues and the wider networks of the “Global Village“. For a discrete period of time a place is chosen, transformed, activated – then the journey continues…

A “Mobile Public Room” project created by Cologne based artists was installed beside Documenta 9 at the 1993 Venice Bienniale and later in the Cologne Media Park.

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