Studio Azzurro – Un Passo di Cristallo

Swarovski Cristalworlds



CLIENT: Studio Azurro
April 2012

The interactive installation UN PASSO DI CRISTALLO was developed for Swarovski’s “Kristallwelten” in Wattens, Austria.

A long corridor is lit by a white reflecting linoleum floor onto which video sequences are being projected. Approaching the corridor, the visitor only perceives an undifferentiated pattern of crystal images. A symphonic ouverture is audible at low level.

The first step onto the plain of projection triggers an unforeseen reaction: The floor underneath moves and appears to open downwards right under your feet. The crystals on the ground suddenly seem to be only loosely connected, they are torn away by the load of visitors, sliver to pieces and disappear in the endless depths. Underneath, new images emerge: projections of fire, water, earth and air come into sight.

Behind the visitor, the picture falls back in its old position. The tactile experience associates an underground walk across a field of crystals. The pictures which come afore by treading the ground give an impression of the mysterious, the profound and the secret of the crystals.

PARTNERS:Andre Heller

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