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Deutsche Arbeitsschutz Ausstellung - DASA



January 2008

235 MEDIA conceived and realised an interactive room installation for the German Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition, DASA.

The occupational world is in a state of flux, work increasingly takes place in virtual spaces, and the mutual penetration of virtual and real spaces is embracing work and living areas ever more. The permanent exhibition “Work on the screen” occupies itself with this phenomenon and, with this new interactive installation, offers visitors encounters with and integration into virtual space right from the entrance.

Every visitor is recorded by means of camera tracking and depicted in the virtual realm by an avatar on the projection screen. Through their movements visitors control the form of the virtual space and can additionally, via an interface, select one of eight feature films dealing with the theme:

-Evolution of the screen
-Virtuality & Reality
-Planning & Constructing
-Training & Learning
-Medicine & Health
-Networked Worlds

These feature films, with complex animations and associatively linked archive images from the fields of research, application and fiction, were also produced by 235 MEDIA.

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