DB Museum, Planet Eisenbahn

175 years of railway in Germany






Until the 27th February 2011 the DB Museum celebrated 175 years of railway in Germany with its special exhibition “Planet Railway”. For this exhibition several multimedia interactive installations were realised by 235 MEDIA. Using intuitive movements the visitors can turn a seemingly three-dimensional globe and in doing so learn interesting information about the development of the railway system. The radar-touch used here allows for a multi-touch interaction without actually contact. On an eight meter half-round wall, pictures of the future railway assemble to futuristic sounds from particles floating in from the room. The visitors are able to choose pictures from the double projection via a capacititive sensor system and receive further information. The Railomate, a 42“-touch screen with camera, the visitors can virtually choose between different railway caps and put them on. The result can be sent home via e-mail as a greeting.

An interactive table demonstrates to the visitor that the railway was a driving factor for the introduction of a common time zone in the German Empire. An animated map of around 1880, with sound design and speech, first shows how the railway net expanded and more and more trains ran. Eight realistic church spire models show different times. On the sound off a bell the clocks synchronise and the trains drive smoothly throughout the whole empire.

In cooperation with Uniplan

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