Restricted area Brocken - Experience history



CLIENT: Brockenmuseum
30. June 2018

In the Brockenhaus, on North Germany’s highest mountain, the new permanent exhibition “Restricted area – experience history” was opened on 30.06.2018.

In the roof and cupola floors of the Brocken museum the visitors are introduced to, from today’s point of view, the almost unimaginable division of Germany in an atmospheric an playful way. A wall divides the first exhibition room in East and West, and with digital and analogue observation slits and listening posts makes it possible to take the respective position. In a chronological approach the relevant subjects around the surveillance cupola “Urian” are enacted, here the valuable exhibits of the previous exhibition radio / television technology are integrated.

In the historic cupola itself visitors can, among other things, immerse themselves in the original aerials for the surveillance technology using modern media. Contemporary witnesses give the location’s history a personal and human dimension and build a bridge from the past to the present. Further interactive exhibits also make the history of the cupola an exciting experience for children.

“During the cold war the Russians spied on the Brocken on their enemies in West. In the Brockenhaus one can now be taken back to this era” Quotation: mdr Saxony-Anhalt.

235 MEDIA has designed and realised the exhibition as well as the media technology and media production.

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