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Wittenberg Lutherhaus

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Die LutherMuseen
01 DEZEMBER 2023 – 06 JANUAR 2025

The Luther House was built in 1504 as the original Augustinian monastery and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It was given its current name because Martin Luther worked and lived there with his family after the Reformation.
Due to renovation work, the Luther House cannot be visited until 2025. However, to give visitors an opportunity to gain an insight into Luther’s life, there will be a special exhibition in the front building, known as the Augusteum. From December 1, 2023 to January 6, 2025, the exhibition “Literally Luther. The Reformer from A to Z” will be presented there.

235 Media realized a large-format, immersive spatial projection that picks up on themes from Luther’s life. Visitors are led into a boundless dimension by the room-filling projection and can thus immerse themselves in the subject matter.

The concept and production come from Dr. Ulrich Hermann’s exhibition Medien Transfer GmbH, M├╝nster.

Dithmarscher Landesmuseum

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: District Dithmarschen

The Dithmarscher Landesmuseum presents the regional history of Dithmarschen up to 1867, with a focus on low tide, high tide, dyke construction, landscape development and settlement. Partially listed buildings and accessible rooms take visitors on a regional journey through time, including the famous courtroom of Markus Swyn from 1568. Other topics are also covered, such as evidence of Dithmarschen’s peasant republic, especially from the Middle Ages and early modern times, as well as a rich collection of textiles, toys and furniture.

In a three-year renovation project, the listed building will be modernized and a new building will serve to expand the museum. As a result of this measure, the exhibitions will be redesigned and renewed with digital exhibits. The focus here is on accessibility, both in terms of physical access and to the content of the exhibitions.

235 Media is creating numerous new media stations, room installations and animations. Here, analog and digital representations intertwine, inviting visitors to participate and creating an inclusive visitor experience.

Carolyn Lazards/Haegue Yang

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Museum Ludwig
10 AUGUST 2023 TO 31 AUGUST 2025

Every two years, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne presents contemporary art from its collection. This year’s theme focuses on different understandings of time.

Carolyn Lazard’s work “Extended Stay” consists of an articulated arm attachment used in medical facilities. A monitor is attached to the end of it, on which television programs are shown in an endless loop, alternating every 90 seconds. The visitors take on the perspective of patients who have a longer stay in hospital due to illness.

Haegue Yang’s installation “Mountains of Encounter” focuses on a meeting between the Korean independence fighter Kim San and the US journalist Nym Wales (aka Helen Foster Snow) in the Chinese mountain region of Yan’an. The red blinds are reminiscent of the mountain formations, which are given a menacing effect through the use of light. In this abstract new structure, cultural codes from East and West are placed next to and in dialog with each other.

235 Media supports the two artists Carolyn Lazard and Haegue Yang in the implementation of their art and realizes the media installations.

Artmuseum Bonn

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Artmuseum Bonn
30 November 2022

The work “Remagine” by artist Olafur Eliasson, created in 2002, consists of 12 spotlights that project immaterial spaces onto walls with their beam of light. The spotlights are controlled by a computer program and switch on and off accordingly, creating a complex interplay of the illusion of central-perspective spatial alignments and spatial doublings.
Light plays a key role in many of Eliasson’s works, and he also makes use of the four elements. With this methodology, the viewer’s perception is deceived and experimentally distorted.

The Kunstmuseum Bonn is taking up Eliasson’s work again in 2022 and presenting it in a restored form. 235 Media has taken over the renewal of the computer programming and lighting control.