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German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
2013 til 2018

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, 235 MEDIA has been responsible for designing and realising media technology for the Energy Export Initiative trade fair stands since 2013. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports German energy companies wishing to open up new markets abroad with a joint stand – so that innovative energy technologies “made in Germany” can be exploited all over the world.

The centrepiece of the new joint stand is the SMARTWALL: an interactive media installation on a 12-metre-long wall, where international trade fair visitors can access detailed information in a playful manner.

235 MEDIA was responsible for the concept, as well as the graphic design, programming and sound design. All applications were produced in eight languages. Furthermore, 235 MEDIA is responsible for the transport and installation of media technology at trade fairs worldwide.

German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
2014 til 2015

On behalf of the “German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy”, 235 MEDIA has designed and implemented a variety of animations and interactive applications within the framework of 14 overseas trade fairs addressing all aspects of “renewable energies”. The aim is to present Germany on the international stage in connection with progressive ideas and innovative products in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

In close coordination with the “Energy Efficiency”, “Renewable Energies” and “Energy Transition” export initiatives, the work has produced, among other things, a 3D animation of a model energy-efficient house, an optimum energy landscape with smart-grid systems, and a 360° projection. All of the applications were produced in a multilingual format comprising seven languages. Here, the focus lies on communicating complex contexts and technologies to trade-fair visitors from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds in a short reception time.

235 MEDIA carried out the conception, graphic design, programming and sound design.

Interactive Table

Posted by Lina Heuschen

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA ®evolution is an ideal medium for explaining complex topics to larger groups of visitors. The surface of the table works like an oversized touchscreen, with the desired information projected directly onto the table from above. The basic application on the interactive table is a menu selection system, which can be individually adapted to each new project. It can also be expanded by including games, videos and camera transmissions, or be used to control lighting, sound and video projections elsewhere in the room. Hence, the interactive table is a highly sophisticated system suited for presentation, entertainment and communication purposes.

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German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control
January til November 2013

Within the framework of the Renewable Energies/Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives, the Federal Republic of Germany is participating in a total of 10 trade fairs with a joint stand in 2013. Part of the corporate design is an interactive media table and a 360° projection that is used to support the communication goals. In addition, these exhibits act as design elements and help the stand to achieve a long-range effect.

The media table realised by 235 MEDIA consists of a circular projection table with a diameter of 100 cm, a projection cylinder with a 500 cm diameter mounted above the table, and the corresponding control units. The multi-touch surfaces allow visitors to learn interactively about the focal topics of the Renewable Energies/Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives. Different imagery is generated on the projection cylinder depending on the accessed content, providing changing atmospheric moods at the trade-fair stand.

The rear projection is complemented by a multi-touch function with an IR camera detection system, an IR laser matrix and a HD camera. The 360° projection is realised with six projectors on a rear-projection screen and steered by a Watch Out system.

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Johannesburg (South Africa), St. Petersburg (Russia), Bangkok (Thailand), San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Manila (Philippines), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca (Morocco)

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2011

Posted by Lina Heuschen

The international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

We are looking back on a successful EXPONATEC 2011, the international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

As in the last four years 235 MEDIA presented scenography concepts, specialized interactive solutions, and multimedia exhibits. We had many interesting conversations, and we are looking forward to new and exciting projects.

The following innovations were introduced at the EXPONATEC 2011:

3D Sensor

The 3D Sensor is able to detect the exact coordinates of moving persons, objects, or parts of the user’s body by tracking infrared photo points. Now we are able to add the third dimension to a multi-touch controller and thus to transform the system into a gesture tracking system. A wide range of new controls of interactive applications is conceivable by this new technology. We are also able to link the system to other sensor technologies like single touch, or radar sensors to extend the possibilities for interaction design even more. Further more the 3D Sensor can be combined

Interactive network media database

A unique software system which consists of a combination of media database, web-based Content Management System and an interactive application. Complex interactive applications on client computers dispersed all over the world in as many language as wished can be controlled easily, which helps to achieve a high degree of sustainability for your content management and presentations.

Fly ButterFly – interactive wall projection

Butterflies, flowers,  leafs are dancing and floating to the rhythm of the music. Fly ButterFly is an interactive installation, which generates motifs according to the music you are listening to. You can create your own program by selecting images out of the library and by controlling speed, behaviour or size of the desired objects. Fly ButterFly can be customized for any architectural situation by using one to eight projectors, or a 360-degree-panorama.

Wasser 2011, Berlin

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CUSTOMER: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wasserverbände in NRW
MAY 2011

For the trade fair appearance by the North Rhine-Westphalian Water Authorities Association – agw – at the Wasser 2011 in Berlin, 235 MEDIA created an interactive table.

The objective was to bring visitors closer to the many and varied tasks and questions affecting matters relating to water, the use and consumption of waste water and to underline the Association’s public responsibility. At the interactive table visitors were able to learn more based on texts and pictures which could be chosen by means of a suitably designed interface. As an entertaining and much used extra attraction, a memory game was integrated into the table where people were able to follow the number of moves in the game.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with SCHIRWON, Messekonzepte mit Format GmbH

4D–Kino & ECOPIA-Reifentest

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Customer: Bridgestone
March 2011

235 MEDIA implemented a 4-D cinema and the ECOPIA-tyre-test bicycle for BRIDGESTONE, Europe. The 81st International Automobile-Saloon in Geneva (03/03 – 03/13/2011) was the first official location. The next location was at the 64th International Automobile tradeshow in Frankfurt am Main (09/15-09/25/20110

Bridgestone 4-D Cinema
The 4-D Cinema is inviting tradeshow visitors to review three Bridgestone tyres. You are able to select a 3-D movie for each of these tyres. The sound is provided by high-performance surround sound equipment. When the car starts, built in fans are blowing an airstream into the visitor’s face. If the vehicle brakes abruptly, the seat is raised by pneumatic equipment, allowing the visitors to experience the break function. If the animated vehicle begins slipping and swerving, the entire seat vibrates. If the tyre blows out after driving over a nail, the spectator will experience a slight bumping sensation on the seat. If the journey continues through ice and snow, the passengers will feel frigid air and if the tyre overheats due to too much rolling resistance, hot air is dispensed. The interaction of these functions transforms these films into a (almost) true 4-D experience.

Technology: 65” Panasonic 3-D monitor, Panasonic shutter-glasses, 2.1 surround sound. Additional features: Pneumatics, vibration engines, high-performance axial fans, cold- and climate technology, SPS-control system.

ENCOPIA-Tyre-Test Bicycle
In this adventure exhibit, a regular commercial pneumatic tyre is installed on one side and a Bridgestone ECOPIA-low friction tyre on the other side. During the ECOPIA tyre-test the spectators can sit in a comfortable sportsseat and experience the difference between the tyres. Although the tyres have identical measurements, the differences between the two tyres regarding rolling resistance and road noise can be distinguished.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with Uniplan GmbH & Co.KG

Bayer MaterialScience

Posted by Stefan2016

Bayer MaterialScience

27. October – 3. November 2010

On the occasion of the trade expo K2010, an Interactive Product Portfolio was developed for Bayer Material Science. A total of 20 interactive interfaces allow for an intuitive access to over 80 product stories. A strict structure for interaction and a clearly designed interface make of easy access and orientation within the stories. An ambient modus visualises the five theme areas by generating the actual data structure as a 3D-room. This “data room” loads the stories into the interface. The core of the application is the central data bank with all contents which are administered via a web based Content Management System (CMS).


Concept / Design: dreiform GmbH, Köln

Multimedia: 235 Media GmbH, Köln

Fair construction: Werbe- und Messebau Walbert-Schmitz GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen

Construction Management: smd + partner, Aachen

Film production: Kutscher grafics in motion, Köln

Light: rgb GmbH, Essen / prg GmbH, Köln

Photos: Stefan Schilling

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2009

Posted by Lina Heuschen


EXPONATEC 2009 has closed its doors and we can look back on a successful exhibition period. For the third time 235 MEDIA presented scenographic concepts, interactive special solutions and multimedia exhibits.
After many interesting discussions we look forward to new and exciting projects in the near future.


The Radar Touch sensor technology makes possible a completely new intuitive interaction in space. The Radar Touch field can be installed either as an invisible fan in front of a wall or also horizontally in the room.

Interactive Table

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA ®evolution is the ideal presentation medium for conveying complex interrelations to a large group of visitors.


In addition to the proven interactive table with front projection, 235 MEDIA also offers a multi-touch table. The integrated rear-projection offers a high presentation quality, even in difficult ambient lighting.

MultimediaGuide transGo

transGo opens up completely new possibilities in the impartment of information at exhibitions, on tours or when sightseeing. Visitors receive all relevant information as soon as they approach the objects – in their language, at their level of knowledge and through various media.

Scenography – Exhibition Design

235 MEDIA develops and implements exhibition concepts plus individual configuration and presentation concepts. We combine technical know-how and creative interior design with sensitive handling of the exhibits to produce appropriate exhibition solutions. From the conception, via graphic implementation, software, media technology and exhibit construction, then on to service and maintenance – unconventional in thought, professional in the realisation and optimised in the calculation. Everything from one source.

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2007

Posted by Lina Heuschen


Between 31st October and 3rd November 2007, experts came together at the EXPONATEC 2007, the international trade show for museums, preservation and cultural heritage.

235 MEDIA represented itself at the event with a wide range of solutions for conveying information through multimedia. The exhibits invited visitors to try the products, from the 6m x 2m InfoSlider and the time-tested interactive table to the newly developed TDS – the Transparent Data System.

Interaktive Tischlandschaft

Posted by Lina Heuschen


MARCH 2007

After a successful precedent project at T-Systems fair trade exposition in 2006 235 MEDIA shows anew interactive animations of modern ICT-infrastructures at the CeBIT 2007 in Hannover. Examples of the IT solutions “Contact Center VoIP” and “Mobile Customer Relationship Management” are displayed on two interactive tables. A moderator comments on the complex contents of the animations. The two-dimensional animations ally on top of the table with three-dimensional models and form a communicative and informative scenery.


In cooperation with the agency Brandrelation, Cologne

InfoSlider für das ZDF

Posted by Lina Heuschen

MARCH 2007

For CeBIT 2007 235 MEDIA designed an interactive information wall for ZDF. The particular challenge was to make the ZDF online library accessible to trade fair visitors in a haptic manner. The 6.20 meters x 2.07 meters dimensioned light box with a stainless steel casing presented central themes from the ZDF Online-Mediatheque. Trade fair visitors could move the flat screen TV mounted on a guide rail both horizontally and vertically across the whole area. Depending on the position of the XY-coordinates, the flat screen displayed the various topic fields in the ZDF Online-Mediatheque, which could then be expanded upon via the screen. The Info-Slider is a variably deployable information system that can be brought into action wherever detailed information needs to be imparted from a total overview.

In cooperation with Uniplan

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2006

Posted by Lina Heuschen


235 MEDIA ®evolution presented interactive applications for conveying information through exhibitions: individual presentation concepts, interactive installations and interface solutions. Alongside ideas such as the interactive table, which had already been successfully implemented, 235 MEDIA introduced two new products:

TDS – TRANSPARENT DATA SYSTEM – is a transparent, interactive projection screen with newly developed software.

The ELECTRONIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM is a multifunctional information system with various sizes of monitors and an easy-to-operate software interface. Guidance information can be can supplemented with up-to-date event announcements, news and video clips.

In addition, 235 MEDIA offered a strategy for the preservation, restoration and archiving of media art.

Interaktive Tischlandschaft

Posted by Lina Heuschen

MARCH 2006

For the trade fair appearance of T-Systems at CeBit 2006 in Hannover, an animation of the complex processes in modern ICT infrastructures was produced.

By way of a miniature landscape comprising five interactive tables, moderators provided visitors with information on the four themes of Seamless Communication Services, Administration / Storage, Collaboration (R & D) and IT Management.

As a new element, real 3D models on the tables were integrated into the animation for the first time. Zooms from high-resolution aerial imagery landed precisely on the models and thereby combined reality with its simulation.

In cooperation with the Agentur Brandrelation, Cologne

Art Cologne

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: koelnmesse
28.OKTOBER til 2.NOVEMBER 2003

On the catwalk at Art Cologne. Kirsten Geisler’s Virtual Beauty welcomes visitors to Art Cologne.

In close cooperation with KölnMesse, 235 MEDIA presents the computer animation “Catwalk” – as an installation on the canopy of the main entrance. Additional works by Kirsten Geisler can be seen at 235 MEDIA, Hall 1.1, Stand 28.

A naked beauty moves over the runway towards the visitor with an artful swing of the hips. She looks towards him, then turns, and the catwalk begins anew.
Kirsten Geisler works with virtual creations. She uses the power of digital technology to create artificial beauty. Geisler develops women’s heads, Virtual Beauties, which she designs on the computer, drawing on research into human perceptions of beauty. Although Geisler’s “Beauties” appear to fulfil all the ideals of female beauty, the blank expressions on their well-proportioned faces are nonetheless deeply puzzling for the viewer. Geisler’s comparison shows that stereotypical representations of women have by now reached such a level of artificiality, that the borders between the real and the virtual world are becoming increasingly blurred.

Having worked together with a cosmetic surgeon, Kirsten Geisler has achieved excellent results. The simulation swings her hips in a confident walk towards the observer, who is unsure whether to submit to this delicate seduction or reject its obvious clichés.

In Cooperation with koelnmesse