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C/O POP Festival 2022 & 2023, Cologne

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Cologne on pop GmbH
26. APRIL 2023

The “c/o pop” festival has been held in Cologne since 2004 and has been bringing national and international acts from the fields of electro, indie and related styles to Cologne’s indoor and outdoor stages ever since. The festival also includes numerous special events that focus on presenting and promoting up-and-coming artists and young talents from the region.

The c/o pop Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023. There were over 30 stages with many artists. Highlights included performances by Joris with the WDR Funkhausorchester and OG Keemo at Schauspiel K├Âln. The c/o pop Convention also took place on April 27 and 28 with discussions on topics such as social washing, female empowerment and digital marketing.

In 2022 as well as 2023, 235 Media projected a video onto the 44-metre-high Helios Tower in Ehrenfeld as part of the overall branding of the “c/o pop” festival. Logos from various institutions and the unique festival branding could then be admired on the tower for the duration of the festival.

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Maria and Ana de Alvear – “Ancestors” (world premiere)

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Haus der Musik Innsbruck

On March 11, 2022, the piece “Ahnen” for chamber orchestra and multi-screen video projection by Maria and Ana de Alvear was premiered in the Great Hall of Haus der Musik Innsbruck. The title “Ahnen” (Ancestors) plays with the double meaning of the German word involving both ancestors and foreshadowing.

Madrid-born composer Maria de Alvear lives in Germany and Spain and seeks to reveal connections between different cultures and different art forms in her works. Video works by her sister, visual artist Ana de Alvear, often serve as inspiration and components of the compositions.

“Ahnen” was written in 2007 for two voices, hurdy-gurdy and video, but has now been performed as an orchestral work by the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra.

235 Media handled the elaborate projection mapping onto the two narrow acoustic side walls and the back wall behind the orchestra, making the performance an intense immersive experience.