Medienstationen im Wiedenbrücker Schule Museum

Museum Wiedenbrücker Schule





On the 28th of November the Wiedenbrücker Schule Museum opened, which is dedicated to the outstanding sacred and profane craft products of the 19th and 20th centuries.

In four different multi-media stations 235 MEDIA presents the most important works of art that were created in Wiedenbrück and distributed throughout Germany. An interactive table takes visitors back to the beginning of the exhibition, to the heyday of the workshops, and a large-format projection onto a triptych shows in detail the magnificent furnishings of the Church of St. Ida, the Wiedenbrücker emblem.

The distribution of the craft products remote from East Westfalia – with pictures and documents from Berlin to Bochum – is illustrated in the media stations as are the strong structural changes the churches were subject to during this period.

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