Reformation und Ruhrgebiet

Martin Luther Forum Ruhr




CLIENT: Martin Luther Forum Ruhr


The newly opened Martin Luther Forum Ruhr in Gladbeck sheds light on the unique characteristics of the Reformation in the Ruhr Valley. For this permanent exhibition, 235 MEDIA created an interactive table, two internet terminals and a number of audio and video stations.

At the interactive table, visitors can leaf through a virtual book and learn about the history of the Reformation in the Ruhr Valley from 1517 to the present day. With the help of maps, images, videos and an audio commentary, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating development of Protestantism. “Speaking” portraits turn images into active sound sources. Nine photographs of people from different countries can be activated, which play back a biblical quote read out in their respective language. The acoustic playback occurs without any additional loudspeakers – the words come out of the pictures themselves, as if the portraits are speaking to the visitor.


Exhibition Design Gerhard Herr

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