On the occasion of the region’s year as the European Capital of Culture, a number of new visitor information centres were opened in Dortmund, Duisburg, Oberhausen and Bochum. In all four locations, a 2m x 2m interactive table serves as the central information system, providing an attractive overview of the diverse possibilities offered by the cities of the Ruhr Valley.

In the centre of the table is an aerial perspective of the Ruhr region, overlaid with graphic elements that provide basic information, such as the names of towns, major roads and rivers. Along the edges of the table – to the “North” and “South” – are workstations, at which six visitors at a time can discover the cities of the region. Images, videos and text are used to present major sights and events, while, for the purposes of orientation, a magnifying glass moves over the landscape, highlighting each location on the central map. The introductory animation simulates day turning into night and presents special events from the region. Over 200 pieces of content can be accessed via the interactive table. They are managed via a specially developed CMS and automatically updated each day for all four tables. At each one, two full HD projectors beam a presentation in full HD resolution.

In cooperation with RUHR.2010 GmbH und Stadt Dortmund/Stadt Bochum/Stadt Oberhausen

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