Centre Charlemagne, Aachen

Living History from the Carolingian Dynasty through to the Present Day




CLIENT: Stadt Aachen
June 2014

The city of Aachen recently commemorated the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne by hosting a three-part exhibition dedicated to the ruler of the Frankish Empire. The trio of exhibitions held under the title of “Karl der Große. Macht Kunst Schätze” (‘Charlemagne. Power, Art and Treasures’) was also accompanied by the presentation of the city’s new museum, the “Centre Charlemagne”, to visitors.

The new museum uses four epochs to demonstrate to visitors how the history of the city of Aachen is inseparably linked to the history of Europe as a whole.

Its exhibition is divided up into four parts, each focusing on a different epoch and combining historic and artistic exhibits with multimedia presentations.

235 MEDIA was involved in the concept development and exhibition planning for the museum and was responsible for the implementation of the media planning, the detailed planning of all media installations and the screen design.

In collaboration with Dr. Ulrich Hermanns Medien Ausstellung Transfer and cultural institution of the city of Aachen.

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