The Bocholt Textile Factory

LWL Industriemuseum




CLIENT: LWL Industriemuseum
October 2016

The LWL Industriemuseum (Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Heritage and Culture) is Germany’s oldest and largest industrial museum. Covering the Ruhr area and Münster region to Gernheim an der Weser, visitors can discover the timeline of the German industrial era in eight central locations.

Since October 2016, TextilWerk Bocholt, one of the eight locations, presents the history of textile manufacturers in Westphalia across two floors of the permanent textile history exhibition.

235 MEDIA has developed an interactive multi-touch table with tangibles for the exhibition. With the help of the multi-touch table’s object recognition, interactions can be brought to life in a fun way. This allows links to be made between real objects, called “tangibles”, and digital information. For TextilWerk Bocholt, rolls of different coloured yarn were transformed into tangibles, whereby each colour represents a specific topic. Once a tangible is placed on the multi-touch table, the relevant content is automatically activated. By rotating the tangible, additional sub-menus are activated.

235 MEDIA tangible tables are now available with customisable tangibles, multi-touch monitors and software.

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