Green Media

To reduce energy consumption and save CO2 – that is the simple idea behind our Green Media initiative. We are working to develop energy-saving potential for our customers and to exploit it to the full. Through the intelligent combination of the latest IT technology and our in-house development of products under the label 235 MEDIA ®evolution, we are constantly optimising the performance and energy efficiency of our IT and media applications.

Our IT Development and Consulting departments aim to identify redundant functions in the design phase of proposed applications and thus rule them out in the realisation. Just by focusing on the functions actually needed, we achieve a reduction in complexity, which has a positive effect on material and energy inputs: miniaturisation of form, stabilisation and longevity of function, reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

For several years, we have systematically worked with increasingly powerful yet more economical embedded systems. Through our in-house developments such as KLICK-KLACK, the automatic on-off control, or the LOOPO media player based on single board computers, we have consistently developed modular extensions. Aside from the portfolios of major manufacturers, this allows the design of diverse applications to be stabler, more cost-effective, and more energy efficient.

Maintenance & Support

Multi-media and computer-based systems have become standard technologies in the exhibition and events fields. Checking and maintaining the complex technical components is absolutely essential for guaranteeing a successful presentation strategy.

The increasing sophistication of media technology and its need to be continuously in operation present a challenge to those responsible for support and maintenance. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive service catalogue detailing all the necessary steps for the successful upkeep of multi-media and computer-based systems.

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LOOPO is ready to use within a few minutes – simply connect it to a monitor or projector, plug in a USB stick with film(s) and off you go!

The content of the stick is automatically played back in a complete loop without complicated player programming or other handles. Its small design and noiseless operation ensures that you can install the LOOPO absolutely everywhere – and even with minimal power consumption.

The LOOPO is optimised for the playback of your H264 videos.

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KLICK-KLACK ensures that PCs are started when switching on the switching current of an exhibition or installation and to carefully shut-down the PC when switching off the switching current in order to protect the data and hardware from damages.

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Interactive Table

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA ®evolution is an ideal medium for explaining complex topics to larger groups of visitors. The surface of the table works like an oversized touchscreen, with the desired information projected directly onto the table from above. The basic application on the interactive table is a menu selection system, which can be individually adapted to each new project. It can also be expanded by including games, videos and camera transmissions, or be used to control lighting, sound and video projections elsewhere in the room. Hence, the interactive table is a highly sophisticated system suited for presentation, entertainment and communication purposes.

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The InfoSlider is the perfect medium for presentations aimed at providing detailed information after establishing a general impression. It consists of a monitor mounted in front of a large illuminated display on which individual information can be printed. Visitors can slide the monitor back and forth on the x- and the y-axis, and at predefined positions it will display additional information in the form of films, photos and texts. In the version equipped with a touchscreen monitor, the InfoSlider also allows for direct access to the Internet. This enables visitors to independently research complex topics in a playful manner.

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Gesture Control

The Gesture Control measures with the help of infrared tracking photo points of moving persons, objects, or parts of the body. A multitouch controller is extended to the 3rd dimension and transfers the system into a stable gesture tracking system. This offers a wide variety of new programmable logic controller of interactive systems. Further more the Gesture Control can be combined with other sensor technology like single touch or radar sensors which offers far more possibilities for the interaction design.