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CLIENT: indeland GmbH
July 2017

The town of Düren is continuing to expand its leisure infrastructure. With financial support from RWE Power and Langerwehe District Council, the redevelopment company indeland GmbH has established a multimedia and interactive information centre on a previously disused site at Langerwehe station. The new facility is known as the “InfoCenter indeland” and provides future visitors with details on the leisure activities Indeland has to offer as well as information on the history of the region and the local lignite industry.

The information centre opened in July 2017. It places a particular emphasis on involving and engaging visitors by including multimedia information stands and interactive areas. Those who are interested may, for example, take the opportunity to try out an e-bike simulator. Visitors can also use an e-card module to take selfies and send these as greetings from Indeland.

Media technology and adaptation and expansion of existing contents for the media stations were realised by 235 MEDIA.

Photos: RWE

Showroom “LivingROM”

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March 2017

ROM AG is a Belgian producer of upholstered furniture, headquartered in Eupen. This family-owned company was founded in 1961, and currently has a total of around 900 employees in four locations. Every year, the company sells more than 30,000 fabric and leather furniture suites in more than 20 countries. In recent years, ROM AG has specialised in the IT-supported configuration of upholstered furniture, and the networking of upholstered furniture with smart home systems.

For the first “LivingROM” shop, 235 MEDIA collaborated with ROM AG to create an interactive sample wall which allows customers to configure combinations of sofas, carpets and side tables to their own requirements. As soon as one of the wall’s approx. 500 fabric samples is placed on the table, the corresponding groups of fabrics and recommendations are illuminated on the wall in precise detail by means of projection mapping. The sample wall is also designed to interact bidirectionally with the 3D configuration software specially developed by ROM AG.

Hapimag Showroom

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CLIENT: Hapimag
MARCH 2016

For the showroom of the company Hapimag in Hamburg 235 MEDIA developed and realized the complete media concept. This communicates the Hapimag holiday world to visitors in an interactive way.

An interactive display window identifies passers-by and shows them videos and current offers. In the showroom an animated multitouch water surface shows visitors the holiday world of the Hapimag resorts. Activation of themes allows visitors to find information using text images and videos of the worldwide locations. Images and videos from the resorts are alternated on six digital screen frames. That holiday feeling is enhanced with sounds of the sea.

For those who wish to dive deeper into the holiday world, you can find out more about the various themed worlds using interactive tokens, which are fitted with RFID, to activate videos on a 4K monitor.

German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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CLIENT: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
2014 til 2015

On behalf of the “German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy”, 235 MEDIA has designed and implemented a variety of animations and interactive applications within the framework of 14 overseas trade fairs addressing all aspects of “renewable energies”. The aim is to present Germany on the international stage in connection with progressive ideas and innovative products in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

In close coordination with the “Energy Efficiency”, “Renewable Energies” and “Energy Transition” export initiatives, the work has produced, among other things, a 3D animation of a model energy-efficient house, an optimum energy landscape with smart-grid systems, and a 360° projection. All of the applications were produced in a multilingual format comprising seven languages. Here, the focus lies on communicating complex contexts and technologies to trade-fair visitors from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds in a short reception time.

235 MEDIA carried out the conception, graphic design, programming and sound design.

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln

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CLIENT: Cologne Institute for Economic Research
May 2013

For the presentation of the new info truck of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) 235 MEDIA produced an approx. five minute animation film.

The animation starts with an exterior view of the truck in a fictitious landscape and then goes on a tour from the lower to the upper level inside the truck. In total ten trucks will be built by IW Media which on their nationwide tours will inform students, parents, and teacher about education opportunities and professions in the metal and electrical industry. For this purpose there are various information and experimental stations on two levels, which are reproduced in the animation film.

As well as the creation of the script and production of the animation 235 MEDIA also conceptualised and realised the sound design and speech recordings with explanatory information.

In collaboration with Cologne Institute for Economic Research.

Bayer Material Science – Technikomm

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CLIENT: Bayer Material Science
November 2012

235 MEDIA has developed and set up a three-dimensional, interactive visitor guide for Bayer Material Science’s “Technikomm” in Leverkusen.

Using a tablet PC, visitors move through a virtual space that corresponds to the real exhibition area. The viewing angle seen on the tablet PC corresponds exactly to that looking at the real exhibits. This way, detailed information on the material characteristics can be gathered intuitively. In addition, the system offers selected tours where visitors have direct access to a wide range of information, images and film footage specifically arranged by topics and materials.

The application was produced in German and English. Other languages can be added. The tablet PCs are housed in a tablet cabinet that on the one hand takes care of the power supply, and on the other allows them to be updated centrally

Bayer 3D Markenraum, Beijing

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Client: Bayer 3D Brand Room, Beijing

The 3D brand room is the public face of Bayer AG at their new headquarters in Beijing. In this building, completed in 2006 by the gmp architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partner, a visitors centre has been set up on the third floor, a third of which is made up of an interactive room installation. Here, the three topics of “Climate + Resources”, “Nutrition” and “Health” are presented through a progressive, interactive design and an attached lighting display, also describing the related global challenges. At the heart of the display are three interactive tables, upon which thematically arranged “product stories” are presented; for example, the contribution made by Bayer AG to solving existing problems.

The basis of this application is a server based presentation tool developed by 235 MEDIA – the Interactive Cross-linked Media Database. Thanks to its flexible architecture, this software system enables the use of different presentation media (touchscreens, interactive tables, websites etc.) and allows a location-specific adjustment and worldwide updating of complex content via a server. The software contains a CMS (Content Management System), which enables the adding and configuration of data with different regional points of focus. The updating of clients in numerous international locations is performed by a web server, through an automatic update routine.

The system created for Bayer AG has locations around the world and is available in the following languages: English, German, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Exhibitor / Project Management:  Bayer AG,  Leverkusen
Concept / Design: Bayer AG Leverkusen, 235 MEDIA GmbH, Cologne
Multimedia: 235 MEDIA GmbH, Köln
Film Production: Kutscher: graphics in motion, Cologne
Light: Peter Fischer Lichtgestaltung, Cologne

Bayer MaterialScience

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CLIENT: Bayer MaterialScience

On 24th September 2011, the VCI Day took place. 90,000 visitors took up Bayer’s invitation to the “Open House”. A diverse and entertaining journey into the world of chemistry was provided for guests in Leverkusen, Berlin, Bergkamen, Bitterfeld, Brunsbüttel, Dormagen, Frankfurt, Krefeld-Uerdingen, Knapsack, Monheim und Wuppertal.

235 MEDIA developed and built a total of 57 interactive tables in ten German locations. Using images and text, the interactive tables presented fascinating stories from the research department about the inventor company Bayer, which were the highlight in the “Domes”. They informed the visitor about trends in “health”, “nutrition” and “climate and resources” and about the work carried out by Bayer in these fields.


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The Coal Innovation Centre at Niederaussem is now accessible to visitors. At interactive exhibits, visitors can see for citizens and provide detailed information about the technology and features the work force, and discover there are such new technologies to improve energy production and consumption tested.

An avatar greets guests and draws attention to the many ways of the exhibition. The core of the Information Centre is a real model of the power plant complex – here is the complex world of power generation interactive experience.

The navigation through the topics lignite, CO2, and future technologies via plastic knob. On the opposite side, visitors can use an intuitive touch interface virtual select information that will be highlighted to the power plant model. Thus, the power plant processes and interactive spatial experience.

Cross-company issues such as renewable energy or global CSR projects are also available on a 65 “multi-touch screen.