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German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control
January til November 2013

Within the framework of the Renewable Energies/Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives, the Federal Republic of Germany is participating in a total of 10 trade fairs with a joint stand in 2013. Part of the corporate design is an interactive media table and a 360° projection that is used to support the communication goals. In addition, these exhibits act as design elements and help the stand to achieve a long-range effect.

The media table realised by 235 MEDIA consists of a circular projection table with a diameter of 100 cm, a projection cylinder with a 500 cm diameter mounted above the table, and the corresponding control units. The multi-touch surfaces allow visitors to learn interactively about the focal topics of the Renewable Energies/Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives. Different imagery is generated on the projection cylinder depending on the accessed content, providing changing atmospheric moods at the trade-fair stand.

The rear projection is complemented by a multi-touch function with an IR camera detection system, an IR laser matrix and a HD camera. The 360° projection is realised with six projectors on a rear-projection screen and steered by a Watch Out system.

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Johannesburg (South Africa), St. Petersburg (Russia), Bangkok (Thailand), San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Manila (Philippines), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca (Morocco)

Bayer 3D-Markenraum, Warschau

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Bayer SP. z o.o.

235 MEDIA designed and realised a two-area 3D Brand Space for Bayer’s company location in Warsaw. The entire media planning and installation process was handled by 235 MEDIA. In the showroom area, backlit printed graphics fill the walls and lend the room an intensive background atmosphere that directs the visitor’s concentration to a large Interactive Table presenting products and innovations from all Bayer subgroups.

The Interactive Table is fitted with an RFID receiver unit for nine tokens, also developed by 235 MEDIA, that contain RFID transmitter chips. The tokens, which are distributed over stainless-steel pedestals around the Interactive Table, each represent a specific Bayer product and initiate an associated product story when placed on the specially provided area on the table. This haptic device is an additional attractive and often-used interactive feature that allows visitors to explore Bayer’s products and innovations. The application is based on the Interactive Cross-Linked Media Database developed by 235 MEDIA. This software system can be used with various presentation media (touch screen, Interactive Table, website, etc.) and allows location-specific adaptation and worldwide updating of complex content via a server system. Developed for Bayer AG, the system is used across the globe and has already been implemented in the languages German, English, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Spanish. The content’s editorial management and implementation is carried out at 235 MEDIA.

Three monitors built into a wall show “Challenge/Solution Videos” that illustrate Bayer’s commitment to the core competencies of health, agriculture and materials science within the context of global megatrends.

The second area of the 3D Brand Space, which can be separated from the showroom area by a sliding glass wall, is referred to as a laboratory and acts as a versatile multi-functional room for group visits, talks and similar events. The room is equipped with two touch-screen monitors, radio microphones and ceiling loudspeakers, as well as mobile tables and seating. 235 MEDIA installed a management unit in an alcove, allowing all monitor content and audio functions to be controlled and combined via a touch screen and intuitive user menu. Thanks to an integrated matrix, additional information such as films, animations, applications or external signals from a laptop can be displayed on any monitor.

Kutscher: graphics in motion, Cologne

Bayer Liaison Office, Berlin

Posted by Lina Heuschen


The new premises of Bayer’s Liaison Office Germany in Berlin offer the ideal conditions for communicating innovation in a hands-on fashion. In close cooperation with Bayer AG’s Communications – Corporate Events department, 235 MEDIA designed the entire showroom, from the artistic concept to the interior architecture and the media planning and realisation.

Laid out as an open communication area, the Liaison Office in the headquarters of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals is equipped with an Interactive Table that presents products and innovations from all Bayer subgroups. The application is based on the Interactive Cross-Linked Media Database developed by 235 MEDIA. This software system can be used with various presentation media (touch screen, Interactive Table, website, etc.) and allows location-specific adaptation and worldwide updating of complex content via a server system. Developed for Bayer AG, the system is used across the globe and has already been implemented in the languages German, English, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Spanish. The content’s editorial management and implementation is carried out at 235 MEDIA.

To allow larger visitor groups to access the information conveyed through the various media, the Liaison Office is also equipped with a large-format projection wall. The projected content – such as films, content from the Interactive Table or PowerPoint presentations – is controlled via a tablet PC equipped with an intuitive user interface developed specially by 235 MEDIA.

A large counter provides structure to the room and allows the company to provide catering for guests. In addition, an integrated USB interface allows, for example, a notebook computer to be connected and further content to be presented on the projection wall.

Large-format prints that fill the walls in the hallway area and showroom act as visual anchor points and present the spectrum of Bayer’s activities in the fields of health, agriculture and materials science.

In cooperation with Bayer AG, Communications – Corporate Events

Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband
MAY 2012

The Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband work together in partnership as the largest waste water disposal company and operator of sewage treatment plants in Germany.

235 MEDIA has created an interactive table model to present the complex circulation of water and energy. It comprises of two seamless monitors, a touchscreen and 3D models. Using a menu, the circulation of sewage disposal and the connections between the supply and the consumption of energy are presented and explained, as are the generation and use of heat. The monitor surfaces are covered with a glass panel and complemented in certain areas with 3D models, such as wind turbines, thermal power stations, and gas storage facilities. Via the touchscreen mounted to the side, the visitor can call up various categories and observe the circulation and flow of heating, electricity, sewage gas, and waste water via the large displays. The system can, with minimal effort, be adjusted to reflect new processes and technologies.

In cooperation mit Schirwon Messekonzepte mit Format GmbH.

Bayer 3D Markenraum, Beijing

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Bayer 3D Brand Room, Beijing

The 3D brand room is the public face of Bayer AG at their new headquarters in Beijing. In this building, completed in 2006 by the gmp architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partner, a visitors centre has been set up on the third floor, a third of which is made up of an interactive room installation. Here, the three topics of “Climate + Resources”, “Nutrition” and “Health” are presented through a progressive, interactive design and an attached lighting display, also describing the related global challenges. At the heart of the display are three interactive tables, upon which thematically arranged “product stories” are presented; for example, the contribution made by Bayer AG to solving existing problems.

The basis of this application is a server based presentation tool developed by 235 MEDIA – the Interactive Cross-linked Media Database. Thanks to its flexible architecture, this software system enables the use of different presentation media (touchscreens, interactive tables, websites etc.) and allows a location-specific adjustment and worldwide updating of complex content via a server. The software contains a CMS (Content Management System), which enables the adding and configuration of data with different regional points of focus. The updating of clients in numerous international locations is performed by a web server, through an automatic update routine.

The system created for Bayer AG has locations around the world and is available in the following languages: English, German, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Exhibitor / Project Management:  Bayer AG,  Leverkusen
Concept / Design: Bayer AG Leverkusen, 235 MEDIA GmbH, Cologne
Multimedia: 235 MEDIA GmbH, Köln
Film Production: Kutscher: graphics in motion, Cologne
Light: Peter Fischer Lichtgestaltung, Cologne

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2011

Posted by Lina Heuschen

The international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

We are looking back on a successful EXPONATEC 2011, the international trade fair for museums, conservation and cultural heritage.

As in the last four years 235 MEDIA presented scenography concepts, specialized interactive solutions, and multimedia exhibits. We had many interesting conversations, and we are looking forward to new and exciting projects.

The following innovations were introduced at the EXPONATEC 2011:

3D Sensor

The 3D Sensor is able to detect the exact coordinates of moving persons, objects, or parts of the user’s body by tracking infrared photo points. Now we are able to add the third dimension to a multi-touch controller and thus to transform the system into a gesture tracking system. A wide range of new controls of interactive applications is conceivable by this new technology. We are also able to link the system to other sensor technologies like single touch, or radar sensors to extend the possibilities for interaction design even more. Further more the 3D Sensor can be combined

Interactive network media database

A unique software system which consists of a combination of media database, web-based Content Management System and an interactive application. Complex interactive applications on client computers dispersed all over the world in as many language as wished can be controlled easily, which helps to achieve a high degree of sustainability for your content management and presentations.

Fly ButterFly – interactive wall projection

Butterflies, flowers,  leafs are dancing and floating to the rhythm of the music. Fly ButterFly is an interactive installation, which generates motifs according to the music you are listening to. You can create your own program by selecting images out of the library and by controlling speed, behaviour or size of the desired objects. Fly ButterFly can be customized for any architectural situation by using one to eight projectors, or a 360-degree-panorama.

Technoseum Mannheim

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Technoseum, Mannheim

29. October 2011 til 29. April 2012

235 Media developed and implemented the entire media technology and an interactive table featuring a 3D Depth Sensor for gesture control for the “Our Daily Bread“ exhibit.

The visitors can interactively take a meal from a conveyor belt at the table and gather information with regard to water consumption, CO2-emmission, price and caloric expenditure for diverse food items. A table with 4 empty plates is on display. A conveyor belt with trays containing diverse food items, from which the visitors can extract one by hand gesture runs through the centre of the table. Information regarding the water consumption, CO2-emmission, price and caloric expenditure for diverse food items can be obtained for each individually assembled plate. Each piece of information is incited in an interactive and entertaining manner.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with gewerk GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Bayer MaterialScience

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Bayer MaterialScience

On 24th September 2011, the VCI Day took place. 90,000 visitors took up Bayer’s invitation to the “Open House”. A diverse and entertaining journey into the world of chemistry was provided for guests in Leverkusen, Berlin, Bergkamen, Bitterfeld, Brunsbüttel, Dormagen, Frankfurt, Krefeld-Uerdingen, Knapsack, Monheim und Wuppertal.

235 MEDIA developed and built a total of 57 interactive tables in ten German locations. Using images and text, the interactive tables presented fascinating stories from the research department about the inventor company Bayer, which were the highlight in the “Domes”. They informed the visitor about trends in “health”, “nutrition” and “climate and resources” and about the work carried out by Bayer in these fields.

Wasser 2011, Berlin

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CUSTOMER: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wasserverbände in NRW
MAY 2011

For the trade fair appearance by the North Rhine-Westphalian Water Authorities Association – agw – at the Wasser 2011 in Berlin, 235 MEDIA created an interactive table.

The objective was to bring visitors closer to the many and varied tasks and questions affecting matters relating to water, the use and consumption of waste water and to underline the Association’s public responsibility. At the interactive table visitors were able to learn more based on texts and pictures which could be chosen by means of a suitably designed interface. As an entertaining and much used extra attraction, a memory game was integrated into the table where people were able to follow the number of moves in the game.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with SCHIRWON, Messekonzepte mit Format GmbH

NRW-Forum Düsseldorf & NRW Landesvertretung Berlin

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: JIHK
May / June 2011

To mark the 150th anniversary of trade relations between Japan and Germany, the exhibition “150 years as Economic Partners” took place in the NRW Forum Düsseldorf and in the Representation of the State of NRW in Berlin. The exhibition provided information about the economic relations between the two countrieswitha survey of the past, present and future. Here visitors were led through a veritable forest of info panels to our interactive table where they were able to discover by themselves a multitude of information on the German-Japanese economic partnership. Another outstanding feature were some 50 items on display, from old drawings from Japan, by way of a soy sauce barrel from the 19th century right up to the super-lightweight HAL® robot suit by the CYBERDYNE company. 235 MEDIA planned, developed and implemented the scenographic concept for the exhibition, the interactive table, the exhibition panels and the presentation of the exhibits.

In collaboration with Fischer Lichtgestaltung,
DIE PR-BERATER and Zurek Spezialbauten.


Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Grillo-Werke AG
MARCH 2011

The “Grillo” family-operated business has focused on zinc and sulphur production since 1842. The family’s documented history goes back to the early 16th century. 235 MEDIA has created an interactive table to make the family tree with over 1500 members and the family business history conveniently accessible.

In addition, the documented family history can be explored in nine showcase-monitors. The original documents and business correspondence of the company’s ancestors and their descendants is often still written in “Sütterlin” , (old German script) and is transcribed by integrated touch screens. The company still owns the authentic muffle tubes that were used for zinc production in the 18th century. Diverse projections are installed inside of these clay pipes, showing the chemical and visual reaction of zinc-recovery as well as filmed documentation about historical zinc recovery.

PARTNERS: In cooperation with Bildwerk.

DB Museum, Planet Eisenbahn

Posted by Lina Heuschen



Until the 27th February 2011 the DB Museum celebrated 175 years of railway in Germany with its special exhibition “Planet Railway”. For this exhibition several multimedia interactive installations were realised by 235 MEDIA. Using intuitive movements the visitors can turn a seemingly three-dimensional globe and in doing so learn interesting information about the development of the railway system. The radar-touch used here allows for a multi-touch interaction without actually contact. On an eight meter half-round wall, pictures of the future railway assemble to futuristic sounds from particles floating in from the room. The visitors are able to choose pictures from the double projection via a capacititive sensor system and receive further information. The Railomate, a 42“-touch screen with camera, the visitors can virtually choose between different railway caps and put them on. The result can be sent home via e-mail as a greeting.

An interactive table demonstrates to the visitor that the railway was a driving factor for the introduction of a common time zone in the German Empire. An animated map of around 1880, with sound design and speech, first shows how the railway net expanded and more and more trains ran. Eight realistic church spire models show different times. On the sound off a bell the clocks synchronise and the trains drive smoothly throughout the whole empire.

In cooperation with Uniplan

Bayer MaterialScience

Posted by Stefan2016

Bayer MaterialScience

27. October – 3. November 2010

On the occasion of the trade expo K2010, an Interactive Product Portfolio was developed for Bayer Material Science. A total of 20 interactive interfaces allow for an intuitive access to over 80 product stories. A strict structure for interaction and a clearly designed interface make of easy access and orientation within the stories. An ambient modus visualises the five theme areas by generating the actual data structure as a 3D-room. This “data room” loads the stories into the interface. The core of the application is the central data bank with all contents which are administered via a web based Content Management System (CMS).


Concept / Design: dreiform GmbH, Köln

Multimedia: 235 Media GmbH, Köln

Fair construction: Werbe- und Messebau Walbert-Schmitz GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen

Construction Management: smd + partner, Aachen

Film production: Kutscher grafics in motion, Köln

Light: rgb GmbH, Essen / prg GmbH, Köln

Photos: Stefan Schilling


Posted by Lina Heuschen



The Coal Innovation Centre at Niederaussem is now accessible to visitors. At interactive exhibits, visitors can see for citizens and provide detailed information about the technology and features the work force, and discover there are such new technologies to improve energy production and consumption tested.

An avatar greets guests and draws attention to the many ways of the exhibition. The core of the Information Centre is a real model of the power plant complex – here is the complex world of power generation interactive experience.

The navigation through the topics lignite, CO2, and future technologies via plastic knob. On the opposite side, visitors can use an intuitive touch interface virtual select information that will be highlighted to the power plant model. Thus, the power plant processes and interactive spatial experience.

Cross-company issues such as renewable energy or global CSR projects are also available on a 65 “multi-touch screen.


Posted by Lina Heuschen


On the occasion of the region’s year as the European Capital of Culture, a number of new visitor information centres were opened in Dortmund, Duisburg, Oberhausen and Bochum. In all four locations, a 2m x 2m interactive table serves as the central information system, providing an attractive overview of the diverse possibilities offered by the cities of the Ruhr Valley.

In the centre of the table is an aerial perspective of the Ruhr region, overlaid with graphic elements that provide basic information, such as the names of towns, major roads and rivers. Along the edges of the table – to the “North” and “South” – are workstations, at which six visitors at a time can discover the cities of the region. Images, videos and text are used to present major sights and events, while, for the purposes of orientation, a magnifying glass moves over the landscape, highlighting each location on the central map. The introductory animation simulates day turning into night and presents special events from the region. Over 200 pieces of content can be accessed via the interactive table. They are managed via a specially developed CMS and automatically updated each day for all four tables. At each one, two full HD projectors beam a presentation in full HD resolution.

In cooperation with RUHR.2010 GmbH und Stadt Dortmund/Stadt Bochum/Stadt Oberhausen

235 MEDIA auf der EXPONATEC 2009

Posted by Lina Heuschen


EXPONATEC 2009 has closed its doors and we can look back on a successful exhibition period. For the third time 235 MEDIA presented scenographic concepts, interactive special solutions and multimedia exhibits.
After many interesting discussions we look forward to new and exciting projects in the near future.


The Radar Touch sensor technology makes possible a completely new intuitive interaction in space. The Radar Touch field can be installed either as an invisible fan in front of a wall or also horizontally in the room.

Interactive Table

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA ®evolution is the ideal presentation medium for conveying complex interrelations to a large group of visitors.


In addition to the proven interactive table with front projection, 235 MEDIA also offers a multi-touch table. The integrated rear-projection offers a high presentation quality, even in difficult ambient lighting.

MultimediaGuide transGo

transGo opens up completely new possibilities in the impartment of information at exhibitions, on tours or when sightseeing. Visitors receive all relevant information as soon as they approach the objects – in their language, at their level of knowledge and through various media.

Scenography – Exhibition Design

235 MEDIA develops and implements exhibition concepts plus individual configuration and presentation concepts. We combine technical know-how and creative interior design with sensitive handling of the exhibits to produce appropriate exhibition solutions. From the conception, via graphic implementation, software, media technology and exhibit construction, then on to service and maintenance – unconventional in thought, professional in the realisation and optimised in the calculation. Everything from one source.

Reformation und Ruhrgebiet

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: Martin Luther Forum Ruhr


The newly opened Martin Luther Forum Ruhr in Gladbeck sheds light on the unique characteristics of the Reformation in the Ruhr Valley. For this permanent exhibition, 235 MEDIA created an interactive table, two internet terminals and a number of audio and video stations.

At the interactive table, visitors can leaf through a virtual book and learn about the history of the Reformation in the Ruhr Valley from 1517 to the present day. With the help of maps, images, videos and an audio commentary, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating development of Protestantism. “Speaking” portraits turn images into active sound sources. Nine photographs of people from different countries can be activated, which play back a biblical quote read out in their respective language. The acoustic playback occurs without any additional loudspeakers – the words come out of the pictures themselves, as if the portraits are speaking to the visitor.


Exhibition Design Gerhard Herr

Kaiser, Senat & Volk

Posted by Lina Heuschen



Installed in the Archeological Park Xanten is the new exhibition area, “Emperor, Senate and People”. For this, 235 MEDIA designed an interactive table, diverse listening stations in German, Dutch and English, as well as a large-format projection illustrating the governance of the Roman Empire.

The interactive table, designed in an elliptical shape, has a diameter of 2.30 m and can be used by several people simultaneously. Information can be retrieved about typical characters from all classes of the Roman population. The graphical background ambiently shows their ancient world, the landscape and buildings in a dynamic, ever-changing day/night cycle.


In cooperation with Bildwerk, Dortmund

100 Jahre Jugendherbergen

Posted by Lina Heuschen

Client: Das Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk

In 2009 the German Youth Hostel Association will celebrate “100 years of Youth Hostels” with a special exhibition at the Burg Altena.

The central attraction will be the interactive table realized by 235 MEDIA. Through this, visitors have access to comprehensive information about 100 years of inspired history. The intuitive navigation guides visitors through several time segments with images, texts, audio commentaries and 30 short films about key events and people. An interactive map of the world invites visitors to discover the international network of youth hostels. By means of a simple language selection function all of the content is also available in English. A custom designed Internet terminal also offers current information and booking options.

The application is additionally obtainable as an interactive DVD-ROM for members of the DJH.

Medienstationen im Wiedenbrücker Schule Museum

Posted by Lina Heuschen


On the 28th of November the Wiedenbrücker Schule Museum opened, which is dedicated to the outstanding sacred and profane craft products of the 19th and 20th centuries.

In four different multi-media stations 235 MEDIA presents the most important works of art that were created in Wiedenbrück and distributed throughout Germany. An interactive table takes visitors back to the beginning of the exhibition, to the heyday of the workshops, and a large-format projection onto a triptych shows in detail the magnificent furnishings of the Church of St. Ida, the Wiedenbrücker emblem.

The distribution of the craft products remote from East Westfalia – with pictures and documents from Berlin to Bochum – is illustrated in the media stations as are the strong structural changes the churches were subject to during this period.

Kahler Asten − das Dach Westfalens

Posted by Lina Heuschen

CLIENT: LWL-Museum für Naturkunde
October 2008

In October 2008, the LWL-Museum of Natural History opened a newly designed visitor center on the Kahlen Asten. The interactive table implemented by 235 MEDIA ® evolution is the central media station, and it offers tourists and interested residents of the region maps, pictures and texts on a variety of recreational activities around the Kahlen Asten.

Assigned to the four main themes, the large-format interface displays various animated maps of the natural park region: splendid walks on the Rothaarsteig and in the Rothaarsteig natural reserve, with additionally the heathland natural trail and the winter sport opportunities. The map material covers the entire console space and is holohedral relocatable. It offers further contentual reinforcement levels as well as the possibility to enlarge and diminish map segments. In addition, a memory game and a quiz provide for fun and entertainment.

Zur Deutschen Sozialgeschichte

Posted by Lina Heuschen


On 23 August 2008 the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs opened a permanent exhibition on the emergence of German social history.

235 MEDIA ®evolution not only planned and implemented all of the media technology, but also designed an interactive table. The interactive table provides visitors with an opportunity to playfully explore the world in which people in Germany lived around 1900. The visitor can “page” through portraits of social classes, professions and places that played a role in life of those times as if in a photo album, thereby intuitively gaining access to these topics through pictures, films and texts. The interactive table makes it possible to acquire insight into to the atmosphere of everyday working life and to approach the lives of the people in a personal manner.

In addition to the interactive table, 235 MEDIA also created the following multimedia displays:

– an interactive stairway installation with projections of various historical vehicles

– two interactive AV media stations

– an interactive audio station with 12 audio portraits


In cooperation with Hansen Kommunikation

Interaktive Tischlandschaft

Posted by Lina Heuschen


MARCH 2007

After a successful precedent project at T-Systems fair trade exposition in 2006 235 MEDIA shows anew interactive animations of modern ICT-infrastructures at the CeBIT 2007 in Hannover. Examples of the IT solutions “Contact Center VoIP” and “Mobile Customer Relationship Management” are displayed on two interactive tables. A moderator comments on the complex contents of the animations. The two-dimensional animations ally on top of the table with three-dimensional models and form a communicative and informative scenery.


In cooperation with the agency Brandrelation, Cologne

Luisenhütte Balve

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CLIENT: Museen des Märkischen Kreises
MAY 2006

The two projections show old film footage from the everyday life of the iron and steel workers. The challenge in the design of the projection screens was in their integration into the lavishly restored pre-industrial architecture. The solution developed by 235 MEDIA is called transparence. The installed Priva-Lite panels are inconspicuously translucent in an inactive state, but, upon entering the room, triggered sensors turn them opaque, so that they can then serve as an optimal screen for the incipient projection. One panel is installed in the timberwork of the Möllerbodens and the other in the area of the discharge aperture in front of a brick masonry structure.

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA is a central element of the exhibition and illustrates the former production process by means of lavish computer animations. Visitors to the museum discover in eight steps, and with the use of animations, voice recordings, images and graphics, emotively presented details about the pre-industrial working methods in the ironworks.

Textiles St.Gallen

Posted by Lina Heuschen


Textile culture has left its mark upon the region of St. Gallen in a nearly unmatched way. This unique tradition of craft and culture is the topic of the “Textile St.Gallen” touring exhibition created by Büro Veit Rausch to a commission by the Canton of St. Gallen. With the help of state-of-the-art media technology developed in co-operation with 235 MEDIA, the exhibition conveys both past and present of the textile creativity of Eastern Switzerland so unique in its variety and quality.

The interactive table developed by 235 MEDIA is used as central control unit for video and sound. The video projection on the table surface offers an view on the working table of a textile designer. Wireless sensor equipment on this surface allows to interactively control a menu that activates a variety of video projections.

Pizza Tisch

Posted by Lina Heuschen


The development of the interactive table shown here for the catering industry was one of the pilot projects of 235 MEDIA ® evolution, intended to optimally combine elements from art, design and technology. The product qualities of the system are geared to the needs of gastronomy with regard to aesthetic-sensory quality, involvement, emotion and function, moods, etc. The interactive processes create new moments of experience, which redefine the relationship between space and user, between real and virtual communication levels.

The basic concept includes a menu selection, which can be tailored to different needs. As in a modular system the application is extensible, eg through games, video or camera recordings or the associative visualisation of the proposal. In addition, there are various possibilities to influence the spatial environment: different sensors allow, for example, interactive illumination control or influence on the sound level.

The presentation should provide an idea of the manifold possibilities for the use of interactive tables in the field of gastronomy. In concrete applications these opportunities would be customised to individual needs and space specifications.